Few people are happy with their wrinkles. Wrinkled face is an indicator of passed youth for the majority of people, so they readily prefer to get rid of the reminders of their age. At our clinic we use the safest and the most effective methods to remove wrinkles.

The methods are applied individually to a particular patient and may be combined during one procedure:

Smoothing of wrinkles from outside – the chemical peeling or high frequency waves peeling.
Filling of wrinkles with injections from inside - by autologous fat, collagen fillers, botulinum toxin (injections paralyzing mimic muscles), hyaluronic acid fillers.
Duration of the procedure: 30 minutes to 1 hour

  • Anaesthesia: local or no anaesthesia
  • After the procedure: smoothing of wrinkles is a procedure after which a patient can go home. Except procedures during which all the face skin is being smoothed. After such procedure we recommend to stay at our clinic for a day.
  • Scars: no scars
  • Socially presentable: after fillers and other injections you can come back to work at the same day. After treatment with autologous fat - in three days. In case of a peeling – in a fortnight.
  • Cost of the procedures:
    Biorevitalization of the face: from ,-; 2/4 procedures are necessary; in case they are bought together, the price of one is from ,-
    Biorevitalization under the eyes: ,- 
    Biorevitalization of the décolletage: from ,-
    Biorevitalization of the décolletage and neck: from ,-
    Biorevitalization of the hands: from ,-
    Biorevitalization of the elbows: from ,-
    Biorevitalization of the knees: from ,-
    Correction of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead with botulinum toxin injections: from ,-
    Correction of the “anger“ wrinkle: from ,-
    Correction of „smile“ or „crow’s feet“ wrinkles around the eyes: from ,-
    Correction of wrinkles in the lower part of the face: from ,-
    Correction of the zone under the eyes with hyaluronic acid preparations: from ,-
    Correction of wrinkles on the nose and mouth: from ,-
    Correction of droopy lip corners: from ,-
    Correction of the mental zone: from ,-
    Restoration of the shape and fullness of lips: from ,-
    Correction of the lip contour and volume with hyaluronic acid preparations: from ,-
    Treatment of hyperhydrose (increased sweating) with botulinum toxin injections: from ,-

    See also the price list.