Face Lifting


The first face lifting surgery (rhytidectomy) was conducted at the very beginning of the 20thcentury in Europe. All the specialties of that surgery were kept in secret and were known exclusively to the practitioner.

Earlier, in order to even the face skin and eyelid wrinkles surgeons tautened only the skin. Today it is possible to perform surgeries on deeper muscle structures as a tautening on the muscle level provides a long-lasting effect. For example, ten years ago the effect of face lifting operations was noticeable for about 3 to 4 years, today, due to new techniques, this period has been extended to 10-15 years. Due to a number of the applied techniques face lifting surgeries may be performed to people of various age groups.

Today immoderate sunbathing and some other factors lead to the increasing number of people with untimely skin ageing. Usually clearly noticeable damage to skin is also done by a sharp decrease of weight after which face skin simply sags.

Face lifting is one of the most complicated plastic surgery operations during which lifting of the lower part of the face skin and evening of forehead wrinkles may be conducted. It is also possible to tauten the face skin up and to adjust the shape of the eyebrows in order to create a milder facial expression and to make the neck more beautiful if there is an excess of fat.

  • Duration of the surgery: the surgery takes about 4 to 8 hours.
  • Anaesthesia: the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.
  • Scars: the incisions that are made underneath hair or behind the ear can scarcely be seen. On the next day after the surgery part of the sutures is taken out and special small plasters are put on their place in order to enhance the healing process and to make the scars even more unnoticeable.
  • After the surgery: the adaptation after the surgery lasts about a week. A patient should know that the healing process takes a long time, and cannot be avoided. After the surgery skin patch around the incision is of a bright red colour that is gradually becoming less intense. In a year the scar will be scarcely noticeable. During the first week after the surgery a patient has to wear a special bandage. After all the sutures are taken out and the swelling is almost gone, a patient can return back to his/her normal life, as well as use usual cosmetics.

    Face lifting is a surgery, which is between the medicine and art, thus requires active and creative role of a patient in this process.

    More than 50% of women wish to have a combination of other lifting operations, such as eyelid lifting, lip modelling and neck lift during one face lifting surgery.

    Socially presentable: the result of the face lifting will be seen in a few weeks after the surgery.
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