Breast Reconstruction

One of the greatest achievements of modern plastic surgery is the development of methods to reconstruct amputated breast(s). Necessity for such surgeries becomes especially relevant in case of breast cancer as there are methods to reconstruct both amputated breasts.

Due to the complexity of such kind of surgeries, taking into account breast implants of a new generation and complicated techniques of microsurgery reconstructions, not all plastic surgeons are able to perform such surgeries.

The loss of breasts associates with a loss of femininity and sexual appeal to the majority of women and may lead to a long lasting depression.

Reconstructed breast nipple, 1 day after the operation

In Lithuania breast reconstruction surgeries have already been done for a long time and there are many methods of breast reconstruction. Four types of reconstruction surgeries are carried out at our clinic.

Is it worth undergoing breast reconstruction surgery? The answer to this question is closely related to medical aspects and psychological condition of each particular patient. Expectation of a reconstructed appearance may be a strong stimulus. Still, the final decision should be made by a patient herself. A result of the surgery is almost naturally looking reconstructed breast(s).

  • Anaesthesia: the surgery is performed using general anaesthesia.
  • After the surgery: individual to each particular patient.
  • Scars: the sutures are taken out in a week after the surgery. Depending on the type of the surgery the scars may be visible during the first year. After some time they gradually disappear.
  • Socially presentable: individual to each particular patient.
  • Cost of the surgery:
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