This place is nothing like a clinic or hospital. This place is a warm, cosy, beautiful home! Here are no doctors or nurses, Here are people full of kindness, attention, help and care. Here you feel well, calm and safe, Here you see beautiful smiles and professionalism of the highest level. In this home on Svajonių (Lithuanian for “Dream”) street, I wish the staff, patients and guests To fulfil all their dreams... Believe me – it is Possible!
Best regards, your patient DG
Thank you for excellent care, kind smiles and cosiness. The days I have spent with you surpassed all my expectations. For you, creating beauty, I wish all the very best!
Best regards, DA
Let the apple fall and reborn in a flower!... There are no impossible dreams. Now I know that.
Embrace you tenderly, V
Many thanks to Professor Kęstutis Vitkus and all the staff For pleasant, friendly, warm communication... And for the performed nose correction operation. Thank you for a fulfilled dream!
Best regards, your patient ŽL
Everybody desires to be beautiful… And the majority of us has bigger or smaller dream. Sometimes it is possible to fulfil it by yourself, and sometimes you need people, who could understand your desire, who could help you, who would encourage and give reassurance to you… I had been dreaming for 20 years, and one day I dared to open the magical door of the clinic. Yes, they are magical, as behind them you meet people, who spread warmth, love, kindness and desire to help you. There are no more doubts that you are in the right place… I am gratefully thankful to all the staff, which showed me exceptional attention and warmth. I am sincerely thankful to professor Kęstutis Vitkus for his understanding and help in realizing my dream! Thank you all!
Gratefully thankful, IG
Thank you for warmth, smiles, kindness, sincere communication, and professional work. I am happy that I had a possibility to correct small imperfections of nature on my body in this clinic. To become such a person I have always wanted to see myself in the mirror. I wish luck, love, health and magical moments in the lives of all the staff of your clinic!!!
Thank you – JS
Dream of professor Kęstutis Vitkus There is nothing more beautiful than a fulfilled dream. There is nothing more beautiful than the continuation of medical dynasty. There is nothing more beautiful than a family – love of the dearest, their understanding, support and help. There is nothing more beautiful than professionals, who are able to make clinic an attractive home. There is nothing greater than human warmth, ceasing the pain. There is nothing more pleasant than a subtle beauty and cosiness, sounds of music, colours of flowers, sparkling of light, and calmness of classical art. The dream of professor Kęstutis Vitkus came true in Svajonių street 48. I entered this home with a calm heart and a desire to change myself. I left it with a smile – and I have a dream again. I am thankful to everybody for this.
Many thanks to the entire “VitkusClinic” team… You create beauty, because you yourself are endlessly beautiful and warm… Your clinic is a harmony of medicine and psychology… Please save, what you create, and love each other, As I have already fell in love with all of you :) Thanks to Julija and Mažena for a positive inspiration… To Božena for professionalism and care… To Ina for the care on the 1st night, To Saulius for 100% of sleep, To “Mother”-Nadežda for her motherly care. And to professor Vitkus – artist and creator of my part. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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