Vitalijus Cololo

“Thank you very much for a perfect time, rest and tasty meals. In addition to getting rid of what was bothering me I found many good, lovely and sincere people. It’s so pleasant that people having a perfect sense of humour are gathered here. It is very important to a patient!  
Thank you for the real Mardi Gras with the most delicious pancakes in the world. Yamy yamy ♥
Best wishes to all of you! V. Cololo. 12.02.2013”.

Straipsniai: - V. Cololo dėl dailių kūno formų ryžosi slaptai operacijai - Atsikratęs 30 kilogramų V.Cololo gražinosi pas plastikos chirurgus - Atsikratęs 30 kilogramų V. Cololo atsidūrė plastikos chirurgų rankose - Atsikratęs 30 kilogramų V.Cololo - pas plastikos chirurgus 
LNK Nuo... Iki... - NUO... IKI... 2013-02-25

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