Vaida Židonytė


“You should go to those, whom you trust in and where you can give yourself into safe hands. In my opinion, there is no place for joking, when we speak about our health. To look for cheaper service or discounts – this is a wrong way. If you decide to undergo anaesthesia and surgery, you have to choose the best possible and competent surgeon. No doubts.

I think that nothing compares to the professor Kęstutis Vitkus. I have to live in many European countries, but I came back here. It means a lot.”

“I was worried in the evening before the surgery. It was new and something inexperienced yet. You don’t know, what is going to be? But when I stepped into the clinics, I felt 90 percent of relief. Some worries remained, but the team, which is working here, is psychologically strong. Clinics staff knows, how their patients may feel - they know how keep them calm. I remember that day, as if it was today, although almost nine years have gone by. I was wearing singlet with small hearts and the professor was counting them in order to divert my thoughts. And then… I simply woke up after the surgery.”

Vaida Židonytė   

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