When you have doubts or are nagged by a question of “should I try?”, come and visit our clinic. Firstly visit us not as a patient but as our Guest. Experience a warm and friendly atmosphere, have an easy talk with people, who you would like to open your heart to. Only having entered VitkusClinic you could be yourself.

We offer you a peaceful and quiet environment, confidentiality and friendliness, convenient rooms and the beauty of nature.

At our clinic there are three plastic surgeons performing operations, thus providing a patient with a freedom of choice.

Do not look for perfection here at this home. Here you will find harmony. You come to home, where you are understood, where you are valued and respected for not only being as you are, but also for what you are dreaming of.

We are happy for being helpful and thankful for your trust. At our clinic you may smile even during the treatment process. We respect your desires and wishes that are not necessarily related to your treatment. We offer you tasty meal, TV, the Internet access, and a hotel. After your surgery, we will be happy to see you again and not only during your postoperative visits but also for a cup of tea or coffee.

Doctor–Patient’s Relationship

At VitkusClinic each patient is regarded to be our partner during all the treatment period. We are also looking forward to the same result, i.e. to a successful completion of your treatment process. The entire our team is working to achieve this result. Not only the surgery, but everything, what ensures our patient’s convenience, is regarded to be of a supreme importance.

External beauty

Appearance is a social phenomenon: it reflects psychological needs of a person. “Beauty promises happiness”, said Stendal. Pleasant appearance is not exclusively for itself – it gives advantage in a social and professional competition. And according to Darwin’s selection theory, it also influences sexual preference.

Physical Harmony and Self-Esteem

A human being may be viewed as a combination of emotions, a being who laughs and cries. If there is no excessive risk, physical shortcomings can be eliminated. The purpose of aesthetic operations is a creation of a more harmonious body, which helps a patient to feel more comfortable and gain a greater self-esteem.


Nobody chooses a plastic surgery as a way to spend one’s free time or extra money. Vanity is not a strong enough reason as well. Usually the reason is that a person feels bad about his/her body. Health insurance does not cover expenses related to the improvement of physical appearance as body shortcomings are not regarded to cause direct damage to patient’s health. Due to this, most of the patients pay for their surgaries themselves.

A Typical Candidate

Psychological research presented thorough information on character qualities of a typical candidate for aesthetic surgery:

- Extravert (communicative, easy-going person)
- Socially active
- Emotionally sensitive
- Over-critical
- Over-self-critical
- Seeking perfection
Such people make up less than 5 % of all the population. The rest 95 %, who may be their partners, journalists, doctors, etc., can hardly empathize with such people.


Most of the people try to contact plastic surgery specialist directly as they fear to be misunderstood by their family doctors. Others would not like such information to be spread in their environment. Due to such reasons these 5 % do not wish to talk openly about their aesthetic surgeries, however would not hesitate to talk about an ablated gall-bladder or appendix. Such patients feel that they should make constant excuses for their decision. Our clinic guarantees absolute confidentiality of your personal information. At VitkusClinic you can freely be yourself.

Happy End

“Beauty promises happiness.” Stendal.

Having made the decision patients should trust themselves to surgeon.

As soon as patients have made their decision, they should give themselves to surgeon’s arms. Aesthetic surgery may help for those, who want to adapt oneself to life, especially if they feel unhappy because of their physical appearance, stagnated family life, or dissatisfaction, caused by their social and professional role.