Renaldas Vaičiūnas


 Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Renaldas Vaiciunas is a well-known plastic surgery specialist, who has been practicing clinical work for more than 25 years.

•1976 graduated from Vilnius S.Nėris secondary school;
•1982 graduated from Kaunas Medical Institute, therapeutic department;
•1983 internship in Vilnius University hospital „Raudonasis kryžius“;
•1983 – 1985 doctor - resident in „Raudonasis kryžius“ hospital, section of abdominal surgery and intensive care – anesthesia;
•1987 – 1998 doctor – resident at Republican Microsurgery Centre;
•1997 – 2003 the expert of plastic surgery in Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic;
• 2001 – 2004 the consultant of plastic surgery in Kaunas private clinic „Bendroji medicinos praktika“;
•Postgraduate courses in Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, USA;
•the president of Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, 1999 – 2003, the member of ESPRAS and IPRAS;