Professor Kęstutis Vitkus

"There comes a time when the desire to use your knowledge even more deeply overwhelms you and you devote yourself to work that is not interrupted by daily routine.

My aim is to concentrate rather than to gloss vainly over the surface, to delve into the sphere I know best, the realm of beauty.

A surgeon, just like anybody else, needs positive feelings that aid self-fulfilment. And only if your heart is full of harmony, you can realise the value of beauty and perceive your work as a process in the creation of beauty, which is an inseparable part of art and has a history of 5,000 years.

To me, a “beauty” clinic has always been associated with a homely place. Beauty does not go hand in hand with pressure and rushing about. Here, in the privacy of my guests, closely in touch with nature, I can feel peaceful comfort without distraction, and become absorbed in inner freedom; here I can create beauty.

Creation to me is also a permanent desire to develop yourself and others, to impart your experience to students and take advantage of their youthful maximalism. The professional plastic surgeons, I believe in and rely on, are working together with me in revealing the secrets of beauty.”

Professor Kęstutis Vitkus


Professor Kęstutis Vitkus is a Doctor of Medical Science, who has been practicing clinical work for more than 40 years. Professor Vitkus is the head of the Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Clinic at the Medicine Department of Vilnius University (;, an expert at the Academy of Science of Lithuania, as well as at the department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. Kęstutis Vitkus is a member of Lithuanian Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Association and its former president, a member of International Board of Surgery, a member of editorial staff of the “Acta Medica Lituanica” and “Medicina” journals that are published by the Academy of Science of Lithuania. Professor has also been chosen to delegate Lithuania national plastic surgery. He has published over 150 studies. Five Doctoral Theses were maintained under his scientific advice.

Professor Kęstutis Vitkus is a well-known plastic surgery specialist not only in Lithuania but also in many other countries. In 1980 he was the first surgeon in Lithuania, who replanted amputated fingers. Kęstutis Vitkus was awarded the National Prize for the foundation of Reconstructive and Plastic Microsurgery Service. During 1980-1985 Vilnius Microsurgery Center was the only one for the region of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Belarus, where surgeries of amputated segments were performed. The microsurgeon together with his colleagues has done more than 2 500 replantation operations and over 2 000 microsurgical transplantations of tissues during the period of 20 years.

Since 1985 Professor Kęstutis Vitkus has been performing aesthetic surgery operations. Up to the year 2012 the surgeon performed more than 2000 nose plastic operations, more than 1000 face tautening, more than 4000 breast correction and more than 3000 body correction operations. He was working on probation for the plastic surgery in the clinics of Moscow and Sank Petersburg. He was polishing his skills in the clinics of Berlin University, Prague, Helsinki, and Bonn. In 1996 Professor was on the official visit to Pakistan, to the clinics of Karachi. Kęstutis Vitkus was sharing his experience during the lectures at the clinics of Chicago, Miami, Portland OR, Seattle and San Francisco. In 1988 he was working as a doctor of sport medicine in the “Trail Blazers” basketball team. In 1992 Professor was practicing at Springfield Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Clinics of the University of South Illinois. The same year he was chosen to be a member of “International College of Surgeons”. Professor Kęstutis Vitkus also polished his skills in France, Switzerland, and Austria. The doctor regularly takes part in the IPRAS and ESPRAS congresses.