“A good team achieves good results not because of skills of separate people, but because they are able to seek together a common goal“.


The staff of our clinic work as a friendly, sound, and experienced team, seeking to offer the highest level professional services.

The Patients of our clinic feel safe in reliable hands due to professor Kęstutis Vitkus’s, who has more than 40 years of experience, competency, due to professional plastic surgeons, who have adopted the professor’s experience, and due to professionalism of anaesthesiologists-reanimatologists as well as assisting nurses of intensive care.

Each patient of our clinic receives individual medical care and attention. Exceptional attention is especially important for a success of aesthetic surgery. We are happy for being helpful and thankful for your trust. At our clinic you may smile even during the treatment process. We respect all your desires and wishes that are not necessarily related to your treatment. After your surgery we will be happy to see you again and not only during your postoperative visits but also for a cup of coffee or tea.

A successful surgery is not the only thing important for us. We will make sure to amuse you with the smallest details. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of your wishes, desires and achieved results.

At VitkusClinic each patient is regarded to be our partner during the entire treatment. We are also looking forward to the same result, i.e. to a successful completion of your treatment process. The whole our team is working to achieve this result.

Kęstutis Vitkus, surgeon, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor, professor 

Vita Degutienė, VitkusClinic director

Gintaras Papečkys, surgeon, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor

Renaldas Vaičiūnas, surgeon, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor

Julija Mozūraitienė, dermatologist

Tautrimas Aštrauskas, surgeon, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor

Saulius Kunauskas, anaesthesiologist, intensive care doctor

Giedrius Navickas, anaesthesiologist, intensive care doctor Giedrius Navickas

Jelena Romanova, surgeon, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor

Božena Droždz, intensive care nurse, medical administrator

Toma Beliavceva, psychologists, administrator

 Mažena Šeibak-Golubovska, HR manager, administrator (maternity leave)



Julija Lukavičiūtė-Krivickienė, administrator (maternity leave)

Elena Garunkštienė, intensive care nurse

Olga Lukaševič, intensive care nurse

Aurelijus Kunčius, technical support manager

Vanda Abromaitienė, operating room nurse

Ona Pagalytė, operating room nurse

Ina Černiauskaitė-Okmanienė, intensive care nurse (maternity leave)

Virginija Kemešytė, intensive care nurse

Joana Kušlevičienė, nurse

Regina Anusevič, medical administrator assistant

“Do you know what shortens the distance between people? Just a smile. Only a smile. If you do not smile you cut all links. That’s why I have chosen good-humoured staff.” - Prof. Kęstutis Vitkus

Daiva Kaikarytė, Professor’s Smile Trims Dullness of Quotidian Routine, The Lietuvos Rytas, Stilius. 2005.01.28 Nr. 4