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H.E. President Valdas Adamkus and professor Kęstutis Vitkus

during VitkusClinic opening ceremony.
14th December 2004

The opening of K. Vitkus‘s Clinic launched a new - modern era of medicine in Lithuania! Good luck!

H.E. President Valdas Adamkus and Alma Adamkienė
14th December 2004

It always happens in a way that a person‘s Dream becomes reality...
Let the goodness of this Dream reborn in smiling faces of people visiting this place...
Thank you for your Work!
Let the Holy Family protect this home and this clinic.

Best regards, Priest Ričardas Doveika
30th December 2004

In January 2008 a very good friend of professor Kęstutis Vitkus, Arvydas Sabonis, visited our clinic.

“VitkusClinic&Company, it is very beautiful, it is very nice, it is very cosy. Be healthy, good luck and protect professor‘s “caviar”. Sabas 26.01.2008”

Professor Kęstutis Vitkus in the television show „Evening with Marijonas“
LNK television, 20th January 2006

“I wanted to call the clinic “Aphrodite” or “Nefertiti”. I even decided that the rooms should have their names. They are equipped and decorated in a way they would not resemble traditional wards in a hospital. […] In this clinic everything will be slightly different – not “Professor’s Office” but “Kęstutis’s Office”. Also “Daivutės’s kitchen”. Not “Director’s office” but “Vitutės’s office”. And in order to avoid the fear of a person who approaches, maybe we will call the “Operating theatre” as “a beauty studio”.”

“I try not to grumble, as I consider it to be one of the most serious sins. Do you know, what shortens the distance between people? Just a smile. Only a smile. If you do not smile you cut all links. That’s why I have chosen good-humoured staff.”

Daiva Kaikarytė, Professor’s Smile Trims Dullness of Quotidian Routine, The Lietuvos Rytas, Stilius. 2005.01.28 No. 4

Interview with a famous journalist Laima Lavaste.

Video recording for “Lietuvos rytas” television. Professor Kęstutis Vitkus with our patient Laima Mertinienė, 2007.

Interview video recording for “Lietuvos rytas” television show “Stilius“, 2007.

Moments of video recording for the television show “Sveikatai ir laimei”.

Hotel “Shakespeare”, Vilnius 2007. VitkusClinic organized training for Lithuanian plastic surgeons. Guests from Eurosilicone SAS, France, Guiaume Dubor and Olivier Tourniaire, in the middle - VitkusClinic administrator Julija Lukavičiūtė.

Summer 2007. Meeting with the young doctors.

While making the clinic website...

Preparing for Christmas...

The moment of VitkusClinic team photo session...

VitkusClinic Patients know that we always have many beautiful flowers...